Old Mout cider adds new flavour

New Zealand-born cider Old Mout has expanded its range of fruit flavours with the addition of Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry.

The announcement follows news of its value share growth of 34% and is aimed at capitalising on the growing popularity of exotic flavours. This popularity growth is  driven largely by a younger generation who are looking for sessionable fruit ciders in original, unique flavours, according to the brand’s owner.

Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry contains the same 4.0% ABV as the other Old Mout variants, resulting in “a refreshing cider bursting with tantalisingly, tropical fruit flavour”.

Heineken cider director Emma Sherwood-Smith said: “We believe our new exceptional, exotic flavour will have mass appeal, delivering on 2019 foodie trends, great taste and marrying nicely with our sustainability agenda too. A recipe set for success, Old Mout’s latest NPI is guaranteed to help licensees realise the full potential of their cider offering and boost on-trade sales.”