The Man behind Conker Spirit: Rupert Holloway

Nestled in the sandy backstreets of Bournemouth, Conker Spirit quietly distils its award-winning Dorset Dry gin in tiny batches of just 60 bottles. And that’s just it, Conker Spirit are the real deal; the distillers, the bottlers, the labellers and even the botanical foragers. Conker Spirit is the brainchild and labour of love of founder Rupert Holloway, who up until around a year ago, you would have found donning a hard hat and hi-vis jacket in his previous career as a chartered surveyor. But after realising his career hadn’t evoked a smile out of him for as long as he dared to remember, Rupert decided it was time for a drastic change and Conker Spirit was born!

At age 28, Rupert went through an exciting process going from being dissatisfied with a well-paid and safe career, to putting it all on the line to make an ambitious idea a reality. Rupert wanted to work for himself and build a business that inspired him. After throwing out some ludicrous business ideas, the gin-soaked light bulb moment finally landed and so the journey to launch Dorset’s first gin distillery began.

“If you think about it, the only thing stopping you from starting something new is fear. We place such an incredible amount of importance on other people’s perception of ourselves that we all too often take the safe road. I did this for years: pouring everything into getting qualified and climbing the career ladder in the way I thought I should.”

Some see the prospect of starting and running your own business an overwhelming mix of terrifying uncertainty and overwhelming pressure to succeed. Rupert went into it with a different outlook; he knew that there would be very little separation between work and life which he saw as a blessing. Instead of spending the day working for someone else, every single decision he makes is all about the life he’s building for him and his family. As a result, nothing is now meaningless or mundane for Rupert – Conker is now his livelihood and indeed his lifeblood.

When Rupert first thought about launching Dorset’s first gin distillery, he didn’t have any money or any savings. He ploughed on regardless, repeating the mantra, “there’s always money for good ideas”, whether it be loans, grants or having to give up a part of his company to some dragon somewhere. Luckily, where he lacked in money he made up for with opportunity; he had no mortgage and an incredibly supportive girlfriend – “We’ll give it two years’’ they said. Rupert’s eternal optimism and unwavering hard work paid off and in early 2014 Conker had grown to the point where Rupert’s day job was holding it back and he went feet-first into his new business venture. He had people to meet, botanicals to forage, and a gin recipe to perfect.

 “Of course we need money to prosper in the modern world, but I’ve learnt the hard way that working for the pay cheque is incredibly unfulfilling. Today I work longer hours and countless weekends, and I have never been poorer… but I’ve also never felt so content.”

The result of Rupert’s obsessive focus on quality and endless tinkering has rewarded him with a successful start-up business as well as an award-winning gin. The tasting notes for Conker Spirit’s Dorset Dry Gin happily reflect the qualities of its creator; No gimmicks. No fuss. Just great gin.